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A guide to making great money as a new Realtor

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The Realtors Academy framework has been developed over two decades. The program offers over 300 hours of training. It includes:


Successful Realtors Have Help

Your vision of a Realtor’s lifestyle is far different than the one you face now, with more unanswered questions, expenses, and anxiety than showings, referrals, and paychecks… It’s frustrating to feel that there are no practical solutions to this dilemma.
You hang on to the goal of making good money, living a full life,  and running a business where you report to yourself and your clients.
You’ve seen other Realtors do it and you know you can too. You  have all the skills it takes to be just as successful as those Realtors.
Great Realtors move fast!

It’s time to take action, & help yourself.

We all need time to learn our job. But real estate is not a job – it’s  a business. Now you need to learn to run it, fast!

Since you don’t wake up and learn how to run a business, its time to get educated, educated by people who know what they’re doing, and are doing it today.

You want to get support from a group of people who are in your  situation. And you need to have a mentor.


Hi, I’m Tim Grover. I built the Framework because I am passionate about seeing Realtors succeed!

I am a trainer, mentor, and entrepreneur. In my career, I have built large sales teams that have achieved very ambitious goals. I have started successful businesses for over 25 years.

My passion has always been people.

When I became a Realtor, I saw that there was a major information gap. I didn’t learn how to be a Realtor from my coursework, I learned from experience, and it took a lot of failures, and a lot of time. I had the financial resources continue forward, otherwise I wouldn’t be a Realtor today.

I put on my business hat and decided to build the Academy Framework. I’m proud of the fact that members of the Academy are thriving in their businesses. Knowing that I built a Framework that allows for this growth is rewarding. I knew that I could create a way to train and mentor realtors, using proven methods.

The key is to rapid learning is actually studying and practicing at the same time. I had a business with hundreds of employees and I was always insistent on training ‘on the job’. Now I make sure that happens with your Real Estate career training.


The Academy Framework represents my never-ending passion to help others get better.


We all have passion and we all want to help other people achieve their dreams

Smart Work

In order to be successful in any field you have to learn how to work smart. You have to work hard as well but smart is the key to success


Without knowledge you cannot succeed in any business or job. This knowledge is the key to your success


Once you learn how to work smart with knowledge and passion success will be assured

This Framework helps Realtors to succeed

Academy Members

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